Research from the Troesh Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In the last year, the Troesh Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation expanded its mission of conducting research in entrepreneurship through the work of faculty, Troesh Scholars, and graduate assistants. With the support of Dennis and Carol Troesh and the Charles Koch Foundation our scholars bring their research findings into publications and academic and policy conversations highlighting issues in entrepreneurship education and innovation. In addition, through the generosity of our donors, we were able to create a Troesh Scholars program that offers summer stipends to faculty members to pursue significant scholarly achievements with the goal of publishing in a top tier journal publication. Our expanding faculty community is poised to continue to produce and share research both domestically and internationally to promote strategic entrepreneurship and innovation.

Research Highlights

  • Hired new Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship to start in January 2021 and provided stipend to hire new Assistant Professor of Strategic Management
  • 13 faculty members received Troesh Scholars stipends in topics including Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. Details about these stipends are included in the Appendix (see Troesh Scholars 2020).
  • Hosted the first Troesh Research Symposium, Advancing Theory Building in Entrepreneurship, that drew over 250 scholars from all over the world
  • Professor Yong Li was awarded the Insight Grant for 2019-2022 by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Professor Hans Rawhouser was awarded a 2020 Troesh Scholars summer stipend
  • The NSF I-Corp grant extended to 2021

“Funding from the Troesh Scholar program provides unique opportunities for business school faculty to continue their research endeavors and explore new ideas. For me personally, the Troesh Scholar funding has influenced me to apply my expertise to entrepreneurship research. Although my direct research area is in management and the relationship people have with their work, this funding has prompted me to expand some of my previous work on the impostor syndrome to the entrepreneurial experience. I will be collecting data in early 2021 on how entrepreneurs handle feelings of insecurity and impostor syndrome as they pursue their entrepreneurial activities and the Troesh Scholar funding has been critical for me to pursue this research.”

Richard Gardner 2020 Troesh Scholar